Morgan Chandler

Hello I'm Morgan welcome to my Jungle, usually confused or trying to work what I've forgotten/about to forget ....there it is or maybe not. arrgh forgetfulness!!

This page is intended to contain any interesting information and downloads associated with my far too many hobbies. It may also include information about my long, and expanding education of random information...

My main hobby revolves around my love of listening to and playing music. I own a drum kit which is a lot of fun. I have a fairly broad taste in music though I suppose that rock music is what I prefer over other genres. A big part of me enjoying music is going to see it performed live; to me there really isn't anything better than to hear it live.

I currently work for a Hotel in Walse I get to do a whole load of diffrent types of work at the Hotel,My last job was also fun where I drove a Jagggg this is a job that I find interesting as there is so much to know about planning of routes and random people chatting to you being able to aid people in having fun makes the job feel like I'm giving a good service.